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Complex Construct Garden Maintenance and Care

Complex Construct- garden maintenance and care

The garden is a living organism; therefore it needs our continuous attention. Its future owner, even before the garden is built, must decide how challenging the maintenance should be- this decision is made mainly according to the character of plants and technical equipment in the garden. The owner has to take into consideration how much time he/she is willing and able to dedicate to his/her garden. If you decide to take care of your garden by yourself, we will give you advice how to do it.

If you cannot handle your garden's maintenance alone, we can do it for you, or in collaboration with you. The most challenging gardens need literally professional care; therefore we recommend you contact us.

In case you are not sure if you can take sufficiently good care of your garden, we recommend you to take a test. Naturally, the required level of the garden care reflects a character of garden plants, as well as your expectations in order to achieve the highest quality of environment. Test questions and the questionnaire evaluation can be found HERE.

How to proceed?

1. 1.If you decide that you need our services, contact us at our contact address.

2. 1.The time and scope of our services will be agreed upon via telephone or e-mail, or you can come to discuss it in person. If needed, we will visit you to view your garden and to agree on the scope of needed maintenance.

3. We will execute the maintenance we agreed upon, and you will pay the fee for our work.

What is the cost?

Maintenance service prices will be discussed after the garden in question is inspected.

Maintenance usually includes the following services:

  • lawn grooming
  • mowing
  • edging
  • vertical drainage
  • fertilization
  • spray fertilization
  • chemical weeding
  • chemical fungicidal spray
  • rolling
  • raking


  • health control
  • woody plant cutting
  • perennials and grass cuttings
  • fertilization of plantings
  • chemical spray
  • manual weeding
  • branch mulching
  • mulch filling


  • additional sowing
  • additional planting

Irrigation system

  • setting up the system
  • winterization
  • jet replacement
  • sprinkler replacement

Do you need to specify your requirements?

In order to assist in making your intentions more specific, Complex Construct suggests that you fill in a simple questionnaire which will help us get clearer ideas about what your requirements are. You will find the questionnaire HERE.