It will take maximum 5 minutes to complete this questionnaire. If it takes more time, you will realize that we have challenged you to think hard about your intentions to build a garden.

In the questionnaire you can mark one, or more options. If your option is not in the questionnaire, mark the box “other”.

All questionnaires, even those not filled in completely, are taken into consideration.

Please, don't use diacritic when completing the questionnaire.

1. What is my starting point?
I am getting ready to build a house I have a house, landscaping is done
My house is under construction I have a garden, but want to rebuild it
The house is built, with no landscaping Postavil som dom, terén je neupravený
I have a house, but I am unhappy about the outdoors Other:
2. What are my technical circumstances?
Flat terrain Sufficient capacity of electric power
Slope terrain Adequate access to conveyance of water under pressure
Zone covered with buildings Access to well
Close to a busy traffic zone A brook on the property
Secluded zone Other:
Forest setting
3. How large area will be used for a decorative garden?
Less than 500 m2 From 800 m2 to 1000 m2
From 500 m2 to 800 m2 More than 1000 m2
4. What is my reason to build a garden?
Aesthetic improvement of the environment Creating space for social events
Creating space to relax Creating utility space (fruit garden)
Creating space for active sport Creating kitchen garden (vegetable garden)
Creating space for a get-together with friends Other:
5. What do I prefer in my garden?
Direct sun Birds singing
Shade Recorded music
Half-shade Fragrance
Silence Bright colours
Lee side Barrier of greenery
Water ripples Other:
6. When do I intend to use the garden?
In spring In the evening
In summer At night
In autumn When it's sunny weather
In winter When it's raining
During the day Other:
7. What feelings do you want to experience when in the garden?
Cheerfulness, happiness Inspiration
Concentration Content
Privacy Playfulness
Solitude Other:
8. Who will use my garden?
I, alone My colleagues
My partner My dog
My children My pets
My relatives Other:
My friends
9. What plants do I prefer to grow in the garden?
Grass Fruit trees
Flower beds Roses
Foliage shrubs Climbing plants
Pine shrubs Potted plants
Berry-bushes Water plants
Foliage trees Other:
Pine trees
10. What features do I want to have in my garden?
Lawn Built fence
Trees Hedge
Bushes Pergola with climbing plants
Irrigation system Paths
Lighting Bridge
Decorative pond Driveway
Brook Terrace
Waterfall Sand-pit
Fountain Slide
Pond for swimming Swing
Swimming pool Garden furniture
Grill Pot plants
Outdoor fire-place Works of art
Gazebo Other:
11. What materials do I prefer in my garden?
Natural wood Brick
Stained wood Gravel
Natural stone Metal
Man-made stone Ceramics
Flag-stone paving Mulched bark
Concrete Other:
Pine trees
12. Whom do you expect to build your garden?
I, on my own Combination of “do-it-yourself” and contracting
Hired workers Other:
Specialized company
13. What do you expect from our company?
Design Design + its implementation
Implementation of already existing design Garden maintenance
When do you want to start building your garden?
When do you want to finalize the building process?
What financial means are you going to set aside for building your garden?
14. What amount of time are you going to dedicate to your garden after it is built?
I alone will take care of it Maximum 10 hours a week
The utmost I will do is to mow the lawn As much time as needed
Maximum 2 hours a week I don't have time for maintenance, I will contract a specialized company
Maximum 5 hours a week
15. My personal contact data:
First name and surname:
Contact address:
Telephone, land line, mobile:
E-mail: *
Address of the garden:

We will respond to the questionnaire within 48 hours after its completion. Our representative will contact you to make further arrangements.

Entries marked with * are mandatory.