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New garden

I want to place an order for a turn-key garden delivery.

If you are interested in a turn-key delivery of a new garden- you have contacted the right source.

If you decide to contact a gardening company and ask them to build your garden, the procedure will be the same as if you contacted the construction company with a request to build a house. You will have to go through the phases of preparation, design, and implementation- just like when building a house. If we do not pay sufficient attention to just one of the phases mentioned above, the final result of our work may not correspond with the effort exerted. Similarly, it is important to take a good care of the garden afterwards. The main reason is that the garden will mature as late as after several years after its building is completed. The garden is a living organism, it keeps changing and renewing; the scope of its diversity is determined by its design at the beginning of the process.

How to Proceed?

1. Define your requirements and expectations.

In the preparation phase, the attention is being focused on how to define your intentions. The garden should serve the purpose that initiated your decision. To help you with this definition, we encourage you to fill in the following questionnaire. The more detailed your answers, the sooner we will understand your needs and expectations.

2. After you send us a completed questionnaire, our staff member will contact you and invite you to our office for consultations, or they will visit you at your property.

The following part is an example of the procedure if you sign an agreement with our company for a turn-key garden delivery.

3. The first step is to develop a feasibility study.
The study is developed on a computer, and represents a complete plan of your garden. It consists of a garden's composition layout, i.e. individual areas (water, lawn, flower-beds), as well as architectonic features and garden constructions allocations. It also includes a decorative flower-bed planting preliminary layout.

3D visualization of garden 3D visualization of garden 3D visualization of garden3D visualization of garden

Video sample

4. Based on the study that has been approved by both parties, a comprehensive design, which is a final form of a garden layout, will be developed. The design consists of:

  • Technical report (including budget, work and material schedules)
  • Design part (depending on how challenging the project is- including the situation, shape of the terrain, plan of planting, perspective, detail, view, paving pattern layout, and plan of watering.

5. After the design is approved by both parties, we will sign a contract, in which the company will guarantee you the budget, the dates when the project will begin and end, the terms of payment and the terms of warranty.

6. The implementation phase follows, in which your garden will be built according to the developed design.

7. After all work is completed, you will receive a delivery statement, which will entitle you to receive appropriate warranty service.

8. If during the warranty period you will observe any defects and inefficiencies related to the design proposal, we will rectify them at our expense.

9. If you are interested, you can order a post-warranty service.

Do you need to specify your requirements?

In order to assist in making your intentions more specific, Complex Construct suggests that you fill in a simple questionnaire which will help us get clearer ideas about what your requirements are. You will find the questionnaire HERE.